Trademark Advice

Please get in touch with us to receive free advice from fully qualified professionals, who will offer advice on protecting your trademarks efficiently and cost effectively.

Trademark Search - FREE

To determine first of all whether the name that you are intending to register is available, please provide us the name that you are intending to trademark with a brief description of the services/goods that you are intending to offer under the trademark, to enable us to conduct a FREE trademark search and revert to you with the search report shortly.We will be pleased to furnish you a full report on the Availability and Registrability of your proposed trademark.

International Trademark Registration

To obtain protection in more than one country, the Applicant has the option to file either the trademark application country by country or to file through the Madrid System or a combination of both. Please get in touch with us with the list of countries that you intend to register your trademark and we will be glad to be of assistance to you.

Singapore Trademark Registration

While the procedure for trademark registration in Singapore may seem relatively straightforward, much analysis will be required in selecting the appropriate class/classes and the correct specifications. Our experts will be glad to assist you with the registration.