Trademark Provisional Refusals

Trademark Provisional Refusals / Office Action

Trademark Provisional Refusals are objections by the Trademark Registry against your trademark application. You are given a certain deadline to respond.

Simple objections may be with regards to the identification of goods or services, the legal entity status or citizenship of the applicant, improper specimens, or improper dates of use.

More complicated objections may involve substantive refusals, for example, refusals based on merely descriptiveness or generic, likelihood of confusion, surnames, false suggestion of connection, or scandalous marks.

Whatever the problem may be our experienced trademark lawyers will provide a free evaluation to determine whether or not the problem can be fixed. After the consultation, we will provide a quote for responding to the office action/provisional refusal.

We make seeking help not only easy but also affordable. For a single flat rate, we can help minimize the stress of the trademark process and make sure you are in the best position to be approved for registration!

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